2019 Canadian U18 Curling Championship

March 31st, 2019 - April 7th, 2019

Volunteer Application Form

Benefits and Conditions of Volunteering


By applying to become a volunteer for this Curling Canada Event, you acknowledge and agree with the following:

  • As a volunteer for the U18 Canadian Curling Championships you will be in a position of trust with youth and/or young (vulnerable) persons. Curling Canada policy requires that all volunteers at any Curling Canada junior sanctioned events obtain a Police Record Check prior to volunteering at Curling Canada events. Police record checks issued within the last 2 years are acceptable.

  • Depending on response, not all applicants may be required.

  • A minimum contribution of 20 hours volunteer service will be required for the event (flexibility can be arranged if necessary).

  • Volunteers while on duty are required to wear official event clothing at a cost of $25. This fee also contributes to the volunteer reward package detailed under “Benefits of Volunteering” listed below. This fee will be collected when you register. At the same time submit a photograph for your accreditation.

  • Authorization for photographs to be taken and used by Curling Canada.

  • Photo identification is required for accreditation, please submit an electronic photo for accreditation (similar to a passport photo headshot – yes you can smile!)

  • We will use email to communicate with volunteers. Please provide your email address when applying. Adjust your privacy settings on your email account to allow the receipt of emails from us  [email protected]



  • An official event-specific volunteer jacket.

  • Specialized training for timing and statisticians.

  • Access to games when off duty and if seating permits.

  • Invitation to the volunteer appreciation party.

Please drop off completed forms to:

Sherwood Park Curling Club 
Attn: Caroline Bartz, Volunteer Coordinator
Glen Allen Recreation Complex, PO Box 3536 Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2T4

Or send via email to    [email protected]

2019 U18 Canadian Curling Championships


Volunteer Area Descriptions

Volunteer Coordinators: Caroline Bartz, Catherine Rostron, Kathy Ansell, Rhonda Gibson

As this is a U-18 event, all volunteers that come into contact with underaged players and juniors will be required to abstain from alcohol while on duty. Please remove event jackets and accreditation after shifts to signal “off-duty” if “enjoying the lounge”.


Facility: Statisticians, Timers, On-Ice Scoreboard

To volunteer in these areas, a combination of curling experience and more than a basic knowledge of the rules of the game are required. These positions will be supervised by senior Volunteers and Canadian Curling Officials and pre-event training is required. There are three positions available – Scoreboard, stats and timers. Please indicate your preference and your skill and experience level.

On-Ice Scoreboard: Your role will be at ice level, assisting the Officials with the hanging of the scores after the ends are complete. You will be seated on one of the sheets of ice beside the scoreboards and you should know the rules and scoring.

Statisticians: Your role will be to observe a specific game, using a computer and entering data. A knowledge of curling strategy and the ability to focus and concentrate on one game for the length of the game is a requirement. Training will be provided and the opportunity to work with the program in advance of the championship will be available.

Timers: Your role will be to observe a specific game, using a computer-run game timing software or Curling Canada Timeclocks. Knowledge of the rules of timing is a requirement. You will be provided information regarding the use via a tutorial prior to the championship. The ability to focus and concentrate for the length of the game is a requirement. You will have a supervisor within arms reach the full time you are on duty.

In summary, On-Ice Scoreboards, Statisticians and Timers should have the following:

1. Have a thorough knowledge of the rules that apply to timing, play and scoring

2. Understand the general rules of curling and the way the game is played.

3. Have the ability to concentrate throughout the duration of the allocated game.

4. Follow the code of behavior for these positions.

5. Be a good team player and be available to work sufficient shifts in the competition.


Facility: Set Up/Tear Down

Assist with facility set up of scoreboards, electronic time clocks, buntings, carpet install prior to event. Assist with tear down and repacking of scoreboards, electronic time clocks, buntings, carpet, etc., post event.  Assistance with decoration of the team lounge room at the hosting hotel is also required as a separate volunteer position.


Facility: Ice Maintenance

Assist Chief and Assistant Ice Technician with install of ice surface in Arena prior to the event and then with maintenance during the event in both the Curling Club and Arena. Assist with post event teardown.


Hosting/Security: Lounges

Manage and stock control in selected lounges/areas for players, teams, volunteers, ice techs, media and others as needed. Check accreditation for access into restricted areas.


Hosting/Security: Glen Allan Recreation Complex

Provide assistance and traffic control to player/spectator areas prior to games, including a lobby host/hostess, and curling club and arena venues. Check accreditation for access into restricted areas.


Hosting/Security: Ticket Sales and Information Services

Greet fans, handle cash for ticket sales and prepaid passes. Act as Ambassadors to direct and solve inquires from public, fans, media and players. Ticket checkers at entry points to ensure accreditation is displayed or proper tickets (event passes, correct day tickets, correct draw ticket) presented for entry to spectator areas and lounges.


Hosting: School Groups: Meet school groups as they arrive for the game and assist/support where needed to ensure a positive experience throughout the game.


Hosting: Medical Services

Attend to the medical area to assist athletes, spectators and other dignitaries for minor on-site medical needs.


Hosting: Hotel

Provide assistance to teams upon arriving for the event including explanation of local restaurants/tourist attractions, providing equipment for cooking, etc.  Once the event has begun and teams are settled, this position will be complete.  



Opening Ceremony – will take place at Millenium Place.   Assist with planning and set up for this event including decoration, group photo and dignitary speeches. Be available as host volunteer to direct traffic prior to the ceremony.

Pre-Game Ceremonies – held at GARC prior to each game.  Volunteer to organize each ceremony, carry team or provincial flags, or sing the national anthem!

Parent Evening - Assist parents of participating teams with planning the parent evening which includes showcasing their provinces from across the nation.

Closing Ceremony – Organize the flag bearers, dignitaries and awards presentation for this event which will be held immediately following the final game at the Glen Allen Rec Centre.

Volunteer Appreciation Wind Up – Assist with planning and coordinating this event to help celebrate our great volunteers following the U18 championship.


50/50/Raffle sales

Sell 50/50 tickets or raffle tickets. Sell tickets in lobby and in stands every draw. Assist with tabulation and winning selection during last draw of the day. Verification of winning ticket, release of winnings, posting of unclaimed numbers for verification by later shifts. Teams of two volunteers are most successful.



Assist with merchandise stocking, unpacking, repacking, customers questions. Volunteer shifts may begin two days before the Championships and will also be needed the day after the close of the Championships to assist with teardown.


Office – Finance/Administration

Act as a “go-to” person in the office to answer many questions for many different people. Critical position with experience needed in problem solving or finding answers. Excellent customer service skills required. Issue daily ticket boxes and floats to assigned volunteers for 50/50, draw ticket sales and receive end of day settlement envelopes.


Decorations and Signage

Assist with planning and decorating the various venues including the host hotel players lounge, Glen Allan Recreation Complex, and Millenium place opening ceremony venue.  Organize and set up signage for each location to assist with media relations and traffic control.


Media/Social Media

Provide updates on social media, interview players and coaches, work with local media to assist with interviews, photograph event - including action shots on ice and opening/closing ceremonies. Notify public of webcast games, etc.


Unassigned/floater volunteer

Be available for unspecified jobs as needed prior to the event and during the event.  This volunteer must be able to “go with the flow” and problem solve, have the ability to learn quickly and be versatile.

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Volunteer Rewards Fee

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